Pexip Connect: Simplifying Video Meetings Across Platforms and Devices

All-in-one solution for all your meeting rooms Join any video meeting from any SIP device with Pexip Connect – all it takes is a single click. Contact sales. Work with what you have. Bridge the gaps between modern video meeting platforms and your existing room devices. PEXIP CONNECT FOR

  * Microsoft Teams

Give everyone a Teams-like user experience, no matter what room, device, make, or age of the system they use to join the Teams meeting. PEXIP CONNECT FOR

 * Google Meet

Enable anyone to join your Google Meet calls using their existing video devices through Pexip’s unique Google-certified Meet interoperability.

meeting, conference, people-152506.jpg   * Zoom Meetings


Join Zoom meetings from any meeting room device. Include your room in the calendar invite and seamlessly join internal and external calls.

Join any meeting from any room.

Enable interoperability capabilities for Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, GoTo, Pexip, and most meeting room devices like Poly, Cisco, and Teams rooms.

Join any video meeting from any room – Pexip Connect

Modernize your video infrastructure.

Optimize communications by leveraging a unified platform to modernize, manage, and monitor all your video conferencing rooms and devices. Improve experience. Enhance video meeting experience. Utilize benefits like one-touch-join, direct calling, personalized branding, adaptive layouts, and background noise removal.

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